PSILOCYBE-LARVAE : Manic-Depressive band from Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Pest Webzine:


This is the first time I get in contact with this band. Psilocybe Larvae was formed back in 1996 and since then released 1 demo and 3 full-length albums, Non Existence being their 4th effort to date. These 5 guys play an exquisite melody, progressive (black) death metal, very interesting and entertaining, very catchy and well executed. This album reminds me of Polish band Lux Occulta's "My Guardian Anger" album, it has the same amount of melodic touches combined with aggressive parts, and even the keyboard parts are similar. I simply loved that album and I like a lot this one, too. These Russians are very good instrumentists, they deserve a larger audience than Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, countries where this album is released by Mazzar Records. The album was mixed in Poland at Hertz Studio and mastered in Cutting Room from Sweden. The production is great, this is certainly an album worth checking. I think I'll end my reviews for today here and listen to Psilocybe Larvae for the rest of the day.

Reviewed by Adrian